• Great Wall of China

    Ever been to the Great Wall of China? Among the greatest wonders in the world.

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  • Victoria Harbour

    Victoria Harbour is one of Hong Kong’s prides.

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Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China: Amongst the Wonders of the World

Ever been to the Great Wall of China? Among the greatest wonders in the world, the Great Wall of China is a major tourist site. Being the longest wall in the world of about 6,000 kilometers, it is an inspiring example of ancient defense architecture. Most of the popular tourist sections of the wall are located around Beijing. The winding path of the wall over the steep mountains of the rugged country is blessed with some great scenery. Every season has its own beautiful scenery. Although Beijing has a colder climate and more rainfall, tourists can visit this amazing place in any time of the year to enjoy its beauty. The Great Wall of China is made of several sections, leading through eight North Chinese provinces. Today, a few of the sections of the Great Wall are known as greatest tourist sites. However the wall is well preserved in the other parts.

The Great Wall of China is mainly built to protect the great Chinese Empire from the invaders of the north. It is not just an ordinary wall. The wall is built with several forts, beacon towers and passes to shelter auxiliary soldiers, store weapons and grains, and transfer military information.

The first few sections of the wall were built in the 7th Century BC when China was still a group of many small states. The construction continued until the rise of the Qing Dynasty in 1644. The construction of the Great Wall is placed among the longest durations in the history and greatest costs in lives, blood and sweat. The Wall has been called the Ten-Thousand-Li-Long Wall for centuries where one 'li' means half a kilometer. So 10,000 li is equivalent to 5,000 kilo meters. The Great Wall of China is one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour Hong Kong: Highlights

Victoria Harbour is one of Hong Kong’s prides. It is located between the Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. It is the largest harbor in China and the third largest in the world after San Francisco in the United States and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is also one of the busiest ports in the world as it is the home of many big vessels and sailing boats.

There are several options in getting to Victoria Harbour: you can ride the bus, a taxi or ride the popular Airport Express Train. Travelling Victoria Harbour in a cruise is one of the most breathtaking ways to discover its beauty. You can either take the Afternoon Harbour cruise; you can take pictures of the famous landmarks and buildings, including the ICC,HSBC main building, Bank of China tower and Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Sunset Harbour cruise; before you settle for dinner, enjoy being served with unlimited drinks as you watch some of Hong Kong’s most dramatic vistas and iconic sites, Or you can ride the Evening Harbour cruise; witness the spectacular scenery of lights as they play on Hong Kong’s beautiful city.

Victoria Peak is also one of the harbor’s lovely sites. It is the highest mountain in Hong Kong. Standing at 554 m, it makes the best vantage point of viewing the harbor and its unbelievable beauty. The Avenue of Stars is also one of the harbor’s remarkable views. It gives honor to the celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry. It is located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui. Golden Bauhinia Square is an open area in Wan Chai. This is where the Monument in commemoration of the Return of Hong Kong to China is situated. Cruising can be made by riding the Star Ferry, a cheap but amazing way to tour around these awesome sites.

These are just some of Victoria Harbour’s splendid beauty. When you visit Victoria Harbour you get to enjoy the stunning panorama this harbor can offer!